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Got back my heart, in San Francisco

What a blustery week in the north and I loved almost every minute of it. The rain, the company, the city…all fed my soul. Thanks to everything that aligned to make the trip so memorable!

Only in the ‘9

This horse aloft has been a feature of our town since about forever. With the harvest moon behind it, magic!


I’ve been thinking a lot about tyranny, human rights and I wanted to start making a connection to activists in my work. Here’s my baby-step, nebulous idea.

Another moth painting…

…but not as successful as the one posted the other day. Here’s why; Park City has an iconic white barn and I should have put these moth views in front of that instead of this brown barn. The colors are too similar so there isn’t enough contrast. Also, the subjects work against each other as […]

yellow love

I don’t know what sort of pod these seeds come from but their fuzzy, yellow, scrumptious make them an inspiration… If there were a congregation of yellow hedgehogs watching the sun rise, don’t you think they’d look like this?