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Mugshot Monday

It’s raining again, hurrah! Here’s a mug with my favorite glaze — I love the buttery yellow color. #mugshotmonday #beemug #buzz #yellow #butter

Little boxes in my backyard

Something new I’m experimenting with but I know what you’re thinking; maybe I should pay more attention to my lawn! Hey, I’m killing it on purpose. Another view.

Paris Inspired Birdhouses

Mansard roofs, Eiffel towers and fleur-de-lys are all that give this birdhouse series a French flair. The one above is bone dry or in it’s green phase. Those below are bisqued. Oh, it takes some time to ceramic.

Lazy Sunday (a good time to post this!)

This image was the promo for a recent exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum. I had fun making the ceramic flags! A long view of the pieces. My two favorites. Closeup of The Devil’s Due.   Titled Brother and Sister. “On the Backs of Our Beloved” Center piece available at Chemers Gallery. The top right […]

Riverside Art Museum exhibit

My daughter really can’t stand the pieces in this series called Somnambulists that is exhibited through November. I’m not sure what it means that she finds them sad and creepy but I prefer that description over “whimsical” any day. Are you in the neighborhood? Come to autumnal Inland Empire for some surprising treats…