Like A Mad Love Affair


I’ve canceled appointments, left deadlines unmet, kept my voice mailbox stuffed full and sort of dropped out. My friends are complaining and my kids are eating too many slapped together meals. Is it a secret boyfriend?? HA HA (that’s a joke!). No, it’s the ancient painting technique of encaustic that has me in a whirl.

Layer upon layer of natural resin and beeswax, affording a look down through the piece — it’s exactly what I’ve looked for in my work for years. And what fun tools! My grandmother’s vintage blowdryer, a morter and pestal, oils and a maul stick, a blast!

I’m working on an encaustic painting for a newspaper illustration but I’m afraid the nuance and technique won’t translate on newsprint and maybe not online either. The only way to appreciate encaustic in my opinion is in person. Whelp, good bye friends! So long, attention to normal life! I guess I’m going to have to start making some art…

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  2. vicki Says:

    I took a class by Lillia of Flea Market Studio where she taught us about using beeswax. I love how it looks over a collage but I haven’t tried it again since the class. Bought all the stuff but it’s still sitting on the shelf – I think I’ll put it out this weekend and play around with it.

    thanks for the inspiration – love the drawing.

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