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OC Register “Dark and Moody” Style

This is the result of my first attempt with encaustic technique. It’s a piece for the philanthropy special section of the Register today. I originally flipped over encaustic when I was in NorCal. I’ve had some more wood waiting for a spare moment so I can start some personal pieces. The newspaper reproduction was PERFECT! […]

This Is Spart-y

At Sketch Life once a week, I took a spam subject line I’d fished out of my spam filter to prompt an illustration. It was called Spam Sense. I’m continuing with “Spart” because I like the sassy word and a S.L. visitor wanted to try the illustration challenge. So, feel free to send a sketch […]

Like A Mad Love Affair

I’ve canceled appointments, left deadlines unmet, kept my voice mailbox stuffed full and sort of dropped out. My friends are complaining and my kids are eating too many slapped together meals. Is it a secret boyfriend?? HA HA (that’s a joke!). No, it’s the ancient painting technique of encaustic that has me in a whirl. […]

Whew! We made it.

Well, I mean, if you’re coming here from the Sketch Life blog, YOU made it, and after weeks of code wrangling (thanks Tyler) and angst, I made it too. This is the new blog and I’m so excited. I’ll have sketches and photos, maybe music. And movies even! Sketch life came at a pretty chaotic […]