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like a circle in a spiral

I don’t get this latest fling of Don’s on Mad Men. The teacher’s a sloppy, needy, boring little wren. I thought he went for the savvy, powerful gals that could match him. Oh well, last night’s show was riveting! Go Bryn Mawr Betty!!! Poor Miss Farrell is chasing windmills in her mind and going nowhere […]

“Babies get fairies to do things for them…”

Baby Gene, Barbie and the Fairy I keep rolling that line around in my head, told to Sally by her mother in Mad Men this week. An interesting detail that makes me understand why I was such a weird kid, believing in fairies, leprechans and Santa Claus for far longer than was healthy. Oh, I […]


Can’t wait for Mad Men Sunday. Anything that makes me wonder if I’m a Marilyn or a Jackie is perfect! The Illustration Friday word LAST week was impatience. Here’s my very late entry for anybody who was waiting.